Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Great Campout at Pedernales Falls, by Judith

This picture has a story.  Just after we arrived and had set up our canopy and tent, BUT NOT STAKED IT DOWN YET, an amazing storm hit!  It was a torrential downpour with very high wind!  Gerald grabbed the tent as it began rolling away, then joined the other three of us who were holding onto the canopy.  After about 20 minutes of holding onto the canopy before the storm finally started to let up, we were all utterly drenched (note the hanging wet clothes) as was our tent.  We took stock of our situation.  The canopy was bent up, but usable with some help, and, remarkably, we found that our soggy, dirty, collapsed tent was undamaged!  Thankfully, our other gear was all still dry in the truck and the weather cleared soon enough for us to recover before nightfall.  We then enjoyed beautiful weather for the rest of the campout.

Note the bent frame as we were packing up at the end of the campout.  Gerald added some support to get us through the weekend.  We don't know yet whether or not it can be sufficiently repaired or if that was its final campout.

The newlyweds arrived shortly before us and had the good fortune of having their tent and tarp staked down before the storm hit.  We were glad Anna wasn't too sick with morning sickness to come on the campout.

We did lots of climbing around on the falls.  The many different falls, pools, and rock formations make this a very interesting place.

John and James

Geocaching Team

James was very excited about his geocache find!

Grandpa and his grandsons on the way back from geocaching.

River Fun

Some were goofing off a bit before we headed home.

As always it was a great weekend of sweet fellowship out in God's creation!