Monday, September 5, 2016

Getting Ready for the Wedding

Mama arranging flowers.

 Anna trying on her dress.  (This picture is no longer highly classified!)

Moving Michael into his new house.

Anna setting up house!

Papa working on the driveway.  Two weeks before the wedding we got rid of the driveway.  Then it rained for a solid week, so we didn't have time to put in the new one.  Happily, though, the dirt dried out enough to park on when we had sixty people here on the wedding eve.

They were really excited about getting married.

The wedding week was full of lasts for us.  Last time reading the Lord of the Rings with Anna.

Last time tearing lettuce with Anna.

 Last time to go to church with Anna (also Laura's first time to drive us!).

Last time for Anna to fix our hair.

Last time for Seth and Anna to wash dishes together.

Last day of sharing a room with Anna.

We had special times with our relatives from Colorado in the days surrounding the wedding.

Is Uncle Steve still taller?

The twins.

Tea with the bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding.

Part of the great team of helpers who made the wedding a lovely success.

The bride getting ready for her groom!

Promising till death do them part.

We stopped by the newlyweds' house to drop off their presents and they answered the door like this.  Are they cute or what?