Friday, March 18, 2016

Sibling Campout

Anna, Seth, Laura, and I had a wonderful time camping together at Colorado Bend State Park, northwest of Austin.  

When our whole family goes camping, we fill up the whole truck, but this time we managed to cram everything into Seth's tiny car.

Seth planned a very interesting route to get us there.  It made the four-hour drive take about ten, but it was a lot of fun.

The directions:

The open range:

Kale chips and back roads:

Oatmeal, TX:

Nameless Road:

Picnic at the Capitol:

We stopped to take a quick tour of the Capitol.

We did finally get to the park.  We went on several hikes and saw some beautiful things.  It's really fun to get out into the hill country and actually be able to go UP to places and see DOWN, instead of just wandering around aimlessly in the woods.

The (Texas) Colorado River:

After walking through a bunch of rocks and cactus, we came to this enormous and enchanting waterfall.

We walked up to the edge of a cliff to watch the sun set.

We had a lot of good food too.

Except the roasted eggplant.  That was Seth's idea and it was terrible.  The roasted mushrooms weren't too good either.

At night the sky was clear and a cool breeze was blowing up from the river, so we were very cold and uncomfortable.  But the second night was better because we put on all the clothes we had and huddled together in the tent.  The stars were amazing.

I think we will have many fond memories from our trip together.

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