Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Graduation, Birthdays, etc.

In August I graduated!  

These are my schoolbooks.

I picked out of some of my favorite books to use for decorations.

Andrew turned THREE!  His birthday requests were "cake" and "hats."  

Brother fun.

Seth went on a jaunt around Africa for three weeks and this is all he took with him.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Summer Trip

In July we drove up to Colorado and Nebraska to visit family.  We met up with the Wades in Colorado.  They stayed with us for two nights at our friends' house.  Seven of us slept on the floor in the living room!

We had a picnic at City Park in Fort Collins where three generations of children in our family have played.

We also went to the Bi-Annual Pedersen Family Reunion in Nebraska.  A bunch of us went for a ride in the hay wagon.

Samuel was beside himself with joy.

It was a very nice evening, but just a little later a terrific storm began and we all had to head back to our lodgings in the middle of torrential rain, thunder, and lightning.  That's what makes for good memories.

Skeet shooting the next day.

Laura playing a card trick on Uncle Larry.

The boys enjoyed playing with their (very pretty) third cousins.

This is what happens when you try to take pictures of children when there are rifles being shot nearby.  (But Grace is unfazed!)

The cousins.

The second cousins.

More pure joy for Samuel.

Ray volunteered to get roped!

We went to the rodeo to watch our cousins.  They had their own cheering squad!

Ty bareback-riding.

Cody calf-roping.

Andrew was enormously impressed with everything.  He kept exclaiming, "OFF! HEAD!"  with dramatic gestures of his hands.  That was the only way he could communicate his extreme alarm that the rider had fallen off his horse (or bull) and hit his head.