Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2015 Fall Campout

For the second time this year we went camping in the rain.  We had a great time, despite torrential rain, gusty wind, a tornado warning, a flash flood warning, and multiple falling-in-the-creek incidents.  

This was our first time back to Bastrop State Park since the 2011 wildfires.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that the campground itself is much the same, although the surrounding land is full of burned trees.  

We got to be in a movie!  Click the link to see:

We are getting to be pretty expert tarp-setter-uppers.  Our 1200-square-foot tarp kept us cozy and dry.  And there were no places where the water pooled, like last time.

This was Grace's first campout as a walking baby.  See her little boots?

Michael was showing off to her.

We had a nice fire with hymn-singing, Bible-reading, and marshmallow-roasting at the old shelter built by the CCC.

The rain didn't last the whole time -- we got to go on walks and play volleyball.  Here is Seth in a bush, trying to get our volleyball out of the creek.

He ended up being the fourth person that day to fall in the creek.

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