Monday, June 29, 2015

East Coast Adventure Part 4

We enjoyed a meal at the City Tavern, a restaurant which recreates an 18th-century colonial atmosphere and diet.  It was wonderful!

This is the kind of  sedan chair that Ben Franklin rode in when he was very old.

At the Constitution Museum there was a a fascinating statue display of each signer of the constitution.  They were carefully crafted to be life-size and as accurate as possible.  I particularly enjoyed seeing James Madison, because I had read that he was the same size as me.  And he was!  That's who I have my arm around.

We stopped at Elfreth's alley, the oldest residential street in America.

Look closely at the bottom of this mural to see Anna and me.

Mercer Museum was interesting to say the least.  In 1916 a historian/archaeologist named Henry Mercer decided to build a six-story concrete castle to house his collection of 30,000 pre-industrial tools and machinery.  Using a steam-powered concrete mixer, he and eight assistants built the castle piece by piece.  

We started at the top of the castle--where they keep the most disturbing artifacts.

A gallows.

A prisoner's dock.

A hearse.

Many large objects are hung up in the central atrium.

We drove through Valley Forge.  This building was Washington's headquarters.

We had a great time at the Einwechters', talking and playing crazy games.

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