Saturday, June 20, 2015

East Coast Adventure Part 3

 After a week in D.C., we went to Union Station and hopped on a train to Philadelphia.


The Philadelphia train station is old and fancy.

Here's the outside.

 We enjoyed hanging out at our cozy inner-city apartment.

The building with the white bell tower is Independence Hall, where both the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention met.

This is the inside.  THIS IS WHERE THE DECLARATION WAS SIGNED!!!!   THIS IS WHERE THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN!!!!!   In that sweltering summer of 1787 fifty-five of the most brilliant, remarkable men who have ever lived sat in this very building and hammered out the document that has governed this nation for over two hundred years. 

And this is Congress Hall where congress met for the first ten years until D.C. was built.  This rather simple room is where George Washington stepped down from the office of presidency in what was the first peaceful, democratic transfer of power that the world had ever seen.

Here at Carpenter's Hall we met a man dressed as Henry Knox, the Boston bookseller who directed the hauling of 60 tons of canon and artillery across 300 miles of icy rivers and snowy mountains (via ox-drawn sled) in order to chase the British out of Boston.

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