Monday, June 15, 2015

East Coast Adventure Part 2

The Museum of American History was the best museum ever!  So much cool stuff... Warren G. Harding's silk pajamas!

 ...and George Washington's suit!

...and a wedding dress made out of a parachute!  War rations kept them from buying fabric, so the bride's aunt just cut around the bullet holes in the parachute that had saved the groom's life. 

The Spirit of St. Louis--the very one!  (And to the right you can see part of the thing that the astronauts came back in after walking on the moon.)

The Very First Airplane!

We saw this at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving--a million dollars in ten dollar bills.

We had a lovely boat cruise down the Potomac to Mount Vernon.  (Notice Seth lying on the deck.)

The view from George Washington's house--it hasn't really changed since he lived there.

The gardens at Mount Vernon are simply beautiful.  The gardeners there wear khaki pants and mint green polos and most of them have horticulture degrees.

This carefully groomed fruit tree is about eighty years old.

This is a replica of a wheat-treading facility designed by Washington.

We kept getting in trouble at the National Art Gallery for getting too close to the paintings.

We saw this bear at the Museum of Natural History.

The restoration hangar at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.

That museum is where they keep the extra airplanes that are too big to fit in the main museum.

We finished off our time in D.C. with a trip to Arlington Cemetery.  This was Mama's first time to see her paternal grandparents' grave since she was six years old.

In the background you can see Robert E. Lee's house.  The northern army turned his estate into a graveyard on purpose to spite him.

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