Monday, May 5, 2014

Picture Roundup

How many boys fit in a wagon?

Helping Ray celebrate his birthday.

Burning Christmas trees.

Watching the lunar eclipse.

Enjoying the Wades' new swings.

Cousins, with a couple of friends added in.

Andrew does everything with great intensity.

Becca made the blue-edged doily, patterned from the pink-edged one made by our great-grandmother.

Making donuts.

They were every bit as good as they look.

Ever since I got back from Israel, I had wanted to try making falafel, and I finally did it for my birthday this year.  It brought back a lot of memories!

Our sweet little guy, Ezra.


We've been having some work done on our property, which involved a giant pile of dirt at one point.  The little boys thought that was pretty neat!

Samuel loves holding babies.

Becca had her wisdom teeth out recently, which necessitated the eating of many interesting smoothies.


Ezra helping Uncle Seth with his homework.

Playing with soap bubbles.

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