Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pictures from the Last Few Months

We took pictures with the van because we are going to sell it.  Ahh, gone are the days of happy vacations in the dear van when there were eight of us.

Papa helped us make two raised garden beds.

This raccoon lay around in our yard all day until we sprayed it with a hose.

This is a science experiment.  You put some burning paper in a flask and put a hard boiled egg on top.  The change in air temperature causes the air pressure to be less inside the flask than outside the flask, so the egg is sucked.  It's supposed to be sucked entirely inside, but because our egg was too big it just squished it and made a dent.

We got rid of our little blue Toyota Corolla, which was my second favorite car (after the van).  But it's good to now be down to only four vehicles.  It was Katie's first car and we bought it from her after she got married.  She taught Ray how to drive stick shift on it.

Mama is good at dividing things up.  She can even make six cookies out of five.

This is an eggplant.

John has been making some very nice porch posts and arches for us.

The peach tree is blooming so we have been taking pictures with it. 

This is Laura's new skirt which she crocheted.

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