Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Life of Words

"In the Old Testament, God creates language and then uses words to communicate His character and eternality to His chosen people (I AM).  In John 1:1-5, He uses the title "the Word" to express His incarnation.  And in James 3, we learn that words, as articulated by the tongue, hold the power of life and death.

"Words are life, particularly when used in a story.  If God used the story form (the Bible) to communicate His love and redemption to His people and Christ used the story form (parables) to transmit specific truths about God's kingdom, there must be something inherently powerful about it.

"Nevertheless, popular wisdom in the church holds that if you have an hour to read, it should be spent on instructional literature or books of theology.  Christian hipsters need to relearn what older generations of Christians knew well, that stories are not an extravagance or indulgence.  They make us more human.  They transmit values and morality.  They broaden our horizons.  They bring us hope.

"Stories...are life itself."

~ from Worldmag.com's review of The Book Thief

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