Monday, November 4, 2013

Random Pictures

We see lots of people walking or riding by our house, but these are by far the cutest.

We had lots of fun playing Cranium for my birthday.  Here is Papa acting out "rope twist".  Mama had to tell him what it was first.

Samuel loves spending time with "Uncle Seth" even when he's just doing math.

I got my picture taken with a heron.

John and Megan did haircuts on the campout so they wouldn't have to sweep up the hair.

Everyone loved this wagon on the campout.

Left to Right: Nathaniel, Belle, James, Elijah

Here are the same children in the same order a year-and-a-half ago.  

They are a lot cuter now.

Papa grew a beard while he was in Alaska, but he shaved it off recently.

The original six.

With everybody else.

Mama's birthday.

This is cooking turned into a science experiment.  The garlic turned this strange color after sitting on the garbanzo beans for a while.

We did some folk dancing for Peter's fourth birthday.

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