Friday, October 25, 2013

James White on Islam

This past weekend our church was privileged to have Dr. James White as the guest speaker for our annual fall conference.  He just published a book called What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'an, so the topic for the weekend was Islam--its teachings, history, inconsistencies, and implications-- and how it relates to Christianity.

I think the biggest take-away from the weekend for me was the renewed realization of how hopeless Islam is.  Islam shares with Christianity a belief in a holy God, a broken law, and the threat of hell, but in Islam there is no mediator.

Each Muslim is a unique individual in desperate need of a Savior.  Each one needs to know that God is not only characterized by holiness and wrath, but that, in the bounty of His love and mercy, He has provided a substitute who has already borne all the wrath that was due to His people, and that for those who believe in Him there is full assurance of eternal life in the presence of God.  Our response to Muslims we meet ought always to be characterized by love and compassion, not fear or avoidance.

You can see videos of all the conference sessions here

There is also a bonus session on the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts-- a fascinating look at the unparalleled textual evidence for the accurate transmission of the New Testament text.  Just to whet your appetite, there are approximately 2 million pages worth of catalogued, hand-written, Greek New Testament manuscripts from 100-1500 AD.  In those 2 million pages, there are only about 2000 textual variations-- many of which can be attributed to common scribal errors.

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