Monday, October 14, 2013


Here is just a sampling of our Alaska trip pictures.  Enjoy!
We traveled on this riverboat up the Chena and Tanana rivers.

Here is the Butcher sled-dog training camp.  The husband of Iditarod-winner Susan Butcher is in the lower right.

We watched a demonstration of this traditional method for drying salmon.  The fresh one we had just seen prepared is on the left.  The structure in the river behind is a fish wheel for catching fish.

This covered wagon, pulled by huge draft horses, carried us through a very scenic area near Denali National Park.

Here is a mother grizzly with her two juvenile cubs foraging for berries.

This view in Denali National Park almost didn't seem real.

If the "big one" (locally known as Denali) had been visible that day, it would have dwarfed this snowy range.

"... an example of what bears can do to cans."

We were nearly out of the park when we saw these caribou.

For a long time I (Judith) had wanted to see a moose in the wild and finally got my chance!

We barely caught this picture in a residential section where the homes back up to a landing strip.  Many of the residents have these small planes they can take off in right from their backyards!

We had several opportunities to see glacier silt accumulation.  In this place the silt was like quicksand.  Some people have gotten caught in it, then have drowned when the tide came in.

As we entered Glacier Bay, we came to this abrupt transition to silt-laden water.

When visiting Glacier Bay the rangers came to us!

For perspective a person would be a speck up against this cross-section of a glacier as it meets the ocean.

We thoroughly enjoyed this trio on the ship.  As they moved about performing in different parts of the ship, we sort of followed them around.  They were amused.

If you can see the painters, it will give you a perspective on the size of the ship.

We, along with four other passengers and the pilot, flew in this helicopter out of Skagway.

The helicopter ride was fantastic!  The weather was perfect for the spectacular views we were privileged to see.

Our invigorating five-mile (round trip) nature hike along the Skagway River in the Tongass National Forest gave us an opportunity for some close-up viewing of a little piece of Alaska.  It was a delightful contrast to the grand vistas.

This view of Laughton Glacier met us at the far point of our hike.

Ever the train enthusiast, Gerald was a happy guy to be riding on the vintage White Pass and Yukon Railway!

In Juneau we and our guides were excited to see these orcas (killer whales).  They aren't often seen!

We were refreshed in God's word during a brief Christian worship service on the ship.  Being in a lounge for the service felt strange, but it was a blessing to be gathered with other Christians for prayer, singing, and the expounding of God's word.  A fellow passenger and retired pastor preached on John 3:16.  (He's the tiny face in the very center of the picture.)

On our galley tour we saw several food art pieces such as this one.

We marveled that his seemingly wild whacking away could produce anything recognizable, but it really did!
Well, that's all!

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