Monday, June 3, 2013

June Newsletter

The activity of a blog is never proportional to the activity in the lives of those who write it; if anything, it is inversely proportional.  A quiet blog is quite as likely the symptom of a life too full for writing as of a life with nothing to say.  Such has been the case for us in the two weeks since receiving the unexpected news of my Grandma's death.  Below is a letter written by Mama to friends and family about what has happened, in lieu of our usual newsletter.  --Anna

Her death has hit us harder than Gerald’s dad’s death did three years ago.  He also was very dear to us and even still we feel his absence.  The difference is that now the WHOLE “Grandma and Grandpa Pedersen” chunk of our lives, not just half of it, has dropped away.  The three-times-a-year visits, the letters, and the phone calls are all over.  The making of memories and sharing of life are over.  After this summer we’ll likely never again be in their oh-so-familiar home of 47 years.  My (Judith’s) earliest memory of that house is of riding my bike there to see if Gerald was home when I was still in high school.  (Gerald’s dad seemed really scary to me then!)
Here is what happened.  On Sunday, May 19, just after celebrating our grandson’s 2nd birthday, Gerald’s sister called Gerald to say their mother had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.  In God’s sovereignty we had all our children and grandchildren together as we received the news.  She never regained consciousness and died just hours later that night of a brain hemorrhage.  We were all in shock.  Though elderly she had been doing very well.
Seth took Gerald and me to Hobby airport in the wee hours of the next morning, May 20, and we arrived in Ft. Collins, Colorado, by late morning.  On May 23 and 24 our children and grandchildren drove up to join us.  In the two days after the memorial service, we all headed home.
The path ahead is daunting.  When Gerald’s dad died matters were simple.  The estate largely passed to his mom.  Now it must all be distributed.  Her will designates Gerald, the oldest of him and his sister, as the personal representative.  He, along with his sister Karen, have countless decisions to make and actions to take.  Lord willing, it will all be settled before the end of this calendar year.
Thank you for your loving and caring notes and prayers.  Each one has been deeply appreciated.  We are resting in the sovereignty of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, knowing that all he ordains is best.
With love, The Pedersen family

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