Sunday, May 12, 2013

John Newton on Expositional, Christ-Centered Preaching

I came across this quote in a letter that John Newton wrote in 1775, and was struck with how relevant it is to the church today (emphasis mine):

"I agree with you, that some accounted evangelical teachers have too much confined themselves to a few leading and favourite topics.  I think this a fault; and believe, when it is constantly so, the auditories are deprived of much edification and pleasure, which they might receive from a more judicious and comprehensive plan.  The whole Scripture, as it consists of histories, prophecies, doctrines, precepts, promises, exhortations, admonitions, encouragements, and reproofs, is the proper subject of the gospel ministry; and every part should in its place and course be attended to; yet so that in every compartment we exhibit, Jesus should be the capital figure, in whom the prophecies are fulfilled, the promises established; to whom, in a way of type and emblem, the most important parts of Scripture history have an express reference; and from whom alone we can receive that life, strength, and encouragement, which are necessary to make obedience either pleasing or practicable."

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