Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Who Is a Preacher?

Conrad Mbewe recently posted an article on the continuing relevance of preaching for the Christian church.  Here is his description of the preacher's task:

"A preacher is a herald. He comes into our busy and preoccupied lives and announces to us what the king of heaven has sent him to announce. That is how God normally communicates with his people. He burdens men with his word and sends them to us to unburden themselves before us. While we are busy with our callings in the world they are busy in the study of the word and of the world. They then come to teach us what the word says about our world and about our lives in this world. We ignore them to our own peril."

And, on the authority of preaching, he says:

"Even in secular fields, a lecturer does not begin with, 'Read your text books and let us discuss as equals.' Rather, he teaches first, gives assignments to enable you to think a little further, and then calls you to discuss the issues that you have learned. Even where he asks you to read your textbooks first, his learning is acknowledged in the discussion that ensues afterwards. Now, if that is true of subjects that do not endanger human souls for eternity, how much more should this be the case with spiritual truths? Surely, we should be humble enough to sit and humbly learn under proven and experienced 'men of God' before we open our mouths to speak."

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