Friday, December 14, 2012

Operation West Wall, Part 2

We have continued to work on the siding project on our west wall throughout this year.  It has been a long, complicated project, but we've made a lot of progress.
Chimney demolition complete, rebuilding begun.

Fireplace platform.

Building the chimney walls.

Fireplace installed.

Installing sheathing and rigid insulation.

The new gas line both for the fireplace and for the generator that we are planning to install.  Because of the generator, we had to run a higher volume line through the attic.  We also had a bad feeling about the existing line to the fireplace, which ran underground outside the house just a few inches below the surface... hmmmm.

Second level of chimney walls.

Final sheathing.

The last of the insulation.


Cutting a hole in the wall for a new window in the living room.

Siding at last!

Our official boardcutter.  One time we gave him the wrong measurement for some boards and they came out one inch too short.  When we told him, he said he'd have to get out his boardstretcher.

Chimney completed, cap and all.

The wall is 100% sided!

Papa's pencil after a wall's worth of board marking.

Time for paint!

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