Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Korean Celebration

This year we picked Korea for our annual unit study/international celebration.  (Click here to see pictures from other celebrations we have done.)  The national dish in South Korea is kimchi, fermented cabbage spiced with ground red pepper. It is eaten at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our version was milder than most, as we only let it sit and sour for two days instead of a number of weeks.  We thought it smelled and tasted terrible, but we found some people at church who really like kimchi, so we happily got rid of it all. 

We bought some of our supplies at a Korean market.

Our friend, who used to live in Korea and helped us extensively with our celebration, showed us how to make kim bop (seeweed rice rolls), using bamboo mats.

We made dumplings in this steamer.  It is suspended with chopsticks over a pot of boiling water.

The Koreans have a very specific traditonal outfit called hanbok.  The woman's hanbok has a long full skirt which is really more of a dress and a very short jacket with a bow tied to one side.  Mama made some of the pieces for these costumes, and we borrowed a few from our friends.

Koreans usually eat sitting on cushions around low tables.  They put all the food in small bowls in the middle of the table.  Each person has two bowls of his own, one for rice and the other for soup.  They serve the food into their bowls with their chopsticks.  We weren't quite that authentic, but we did manage without any plates or forks.

We had quite an array of food. 

I read my report on the Korean War.

 Laura read her report about Kim Il Sung.

Then we had dessert: Jello cups, rice cakes, Asian pear, and strawberries.
We had a good time and learned a lot about Korea.

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