Monday, July 16, 2012

Adopted for Life

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, I've been reading Adopted for Life, by Russell Moore.  Having now finished the book, I would highly recommend it for anyone.  Adoption is not just about providing an alternative for couples unable to bear children biologically, or even just about providing homes to needy, helpless children.  As Moore says, it's spiritual warfare.  Whenever a Christian family takes a child into their home and makes him one of their own, they are proclaiming glorious truths about the nature of God's fatherhood, His adoption of His children, the true unity that believers have in Christ, and the security and assurance that believers have as God's children.

God's children.  We're so used to hearing the terms of God's fatherhood that we don't think half enough about the wonder of the reality behind them.  We are no longer enemies of God.  We're not even slaves or servants.  We are His sons.  Would you like to regain some perspective on what this really means?  Then read this book.

That's why this book is for anyone.  Every believer has been adopted, and we all need to be reminded of what that means and why it matters.  And when we are, we'll see earthly adoption for the vital mission that it is-- a mission that everyone in the church should care about, even those who are not being called to adopt themselves.

Here are a couple of quotes from the chapter addressing issues that parents and children sometimes face after an adoption:

"The questions of the past remind us that adoption is always part of a sad story.  The flowers framed on my wall remind me of ugliness, abandonment, death.  They also, though, remind me of beauty, family, life.  To an infinitely greater degree, every Christian knows something of this already.  We're the people who sing of being lost and now found.  We're people who proclaim Christ crucified.  We glory, after all, in a Roman torture device that saved the world.  All of our pasts include mystery and agony.  It's not that we don't weep.  It's that we weep knowing those tears will be wiped away by hands scabbed over with nail-prints."

"Some unique challenges go along with adoption...Count these as all joy.  They point all of us--not just kids who were adopted--to the gospel.  The gospel welcomes us and receives us as loved children.  The gospel disciplines us and prepares us for eternity as heirs.  The gospel speaks truth to us and shows us our misery in Adam and our glory in Christ.  The gospel shows us that we were born into death and then shows us, by free grace, that we're adopted for life."

Speaking of adoption, some friends of ours made an documentary about adoption last fall, and it is now available for free streaming during the month of July!  They did an excellent job, in both content and production, so go watch it!  It will be well worth your time.

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