Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Vacation, Part 2

The next major part of our trip was a reunion with Mama's side of the family.  This reunion included some family members that we hadn't seen in several years, and a few that we had never met, so it was good to be able to catch up and spend time with each other.

We stayed in some condominiums nestled in the mountains near Glenwood Springs, Colorado, so we were able to enjoy some beautiful scenery.

Evening light.

This was one of the most active hummingbird feeders I'd ever seen.  Sometimes there were half a dozen birds vying for the three feeding stations!

Becca and Laura enjoyed the cozy little loft in our condo.

So did Peter!

Grandmother, meeting her newest great-grandchild (James).

Several of us hiked to the top of the mountain.  Going from 8200 feet to 9900 feet was a bit taxing for those of us who live at 50 feet above sea level, but it was definitely worth it!

Up we go!

Looking back.

From the top.

Down again.

Fun with bubbles.

Bubble wars!

Peter the cool.


One of many intense foosball games.


Happy boy.

Playing mancala.

Singing songs of worship together.


Amelia and Peter, ready for a walk.

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