Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As mentioned in our last newsletter, we have been having a fair bit of tree work done here lately.  We had eleven dead trees to be taken out, but one of them didn't wait for us to cut it down and fell on our power line instead. 

The power line conduit pulled away from the wall:

The power line pinned under the branches:

The main part of the tree, which went through the top of an old shed at the back corner of our property:

The shed, after we'd had all the branches cleared away:

A cluster of four dead pine trees to be taken out:

After the largest of the four was mostly stripped of its branches:

Topping the second-to-last one (This one was a particular challenge for the friends we hired to do the work because it had a rotten crack running up the side of it.  They belted it to help prevent it from splitting and tied everything off to the tree next to it.):

Nearly done:

Firewood, anyone?:

A piece from the tree with the crack:

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