Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lake Texana Campout

We went camping with friends earlier this month. 

This was the view from our campsite.  There was a little marshy area in the foreground in which was a whole symphony of frogs who croaked very loudly during the night.

Seth roasted a grub over the fire.  He didn't eat it.

The children had fun swinging on a rope hanging from this big lying-down tree.

We went on walks.

We saw a huge live oak.

We played chess.

Some of us roasted bread over the fire after we ran out of pancakes.  (We were hungrier than Mama expected.)

We enjoyed a time of worship on Sunday morning.

John and Megan came for Saturday afternoon.  

They forgot to bring more diaper covers, so they rinsed it out and John dried it over the fire.

This was Papa's first time to hold James as he was getting over a cold when James was born.

We saw a big turtle sitting on a log in the lake.

That green muck on the water was really tiny seeds, which you can see in this picture.

This alligator looks closer in the picture than it did in real life.

This flower was blooming from the plants in the water.

We found a turtle but it shut itself up.

Anna and I saw this sunrise one morning.

Also, the moon was full and very beautiful, but we don't have any good pictures of it.

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