Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Newsletter

From Laura, 13… Over the past several days, some friends of ours who own a tree business have been cutting down dead trees on our property.  Four of our pine trees died because of the drought.  Another tree was dead and had weird mold growing on it.  Yet another tree was dead, but we didn’t have it sawed down quickly enough, so the wind broke the trunk and the whole top fell on our shed and power line (see Papa’s entry).  Some of our pine trees were extremely tall.  When our friend climbed one, he said that as far as he could see, nothing was taller than him.  It was neat watching them top and fell huge trees.  We are certainly well supplied with firewood for a long time to come!  Anyone want some wood?

From Becca, 15 … Here are some random things.  Last week we went on a free port tour.  We don’t get to ride on boats very often, so that was fun.  We got to see many huge ships and they gave us free soft drinks too.  Today a horse got loose in our neighborhood and a man with a rope had to chase him back.  Also we have been enjoying watching our friends cut down our huge dead pine trees.

From Seth, 19 … I have been quite busy this week because of rapidly approaching tests and assignment due-dates.  Right now I’m working on a paper about abuse and enslavement of those who harvest the produce we eat.

From Anna, 22 … I have now worked several days with Seth, the little special-needs boy that I mentioned last month.  It has definitely been a learning experience!  There has been a significant learning curve for everyone involved, and we’re still figuring things out.  I do feel like I’m better able to understand his moods and what he wants, and therefore better able to know how to respond to him.

The position has its challenges; I never know exactly what to expect and every day looks different.  I’m grateful to God, though, for this opportunity to serve and for the ways that I can already see God using this experience in my life.

From John, Megan,and James … (by Megan) James is here!  Labor and delivery went smoothly and very quickly!  Labor was 4 hours and I pushed for 20 minutes!  The midwife got there at 2:05 p.m. and James arrived 20 minutes later!  I am healing well and James is growing; at two weeks old he now weighs 8 lbs.!  John and I are loving being parents, even with the usual difficulties like lack of sleep.  We are very blessed to have James.  John has been able to be home quite a bit since James was born.  We have enjoyed having him home as we get used to life with a new little one and get back to a form of normalcy.

From Ray, Katie, Peter, Samuel, and baby-on-the-way (by Katie) All of our children have been busy growing.  The yet-to-be-born new baby is big enough that I can feel him or her moving around.  I also gained nine pounds in one month, much to my midwife's dismay!  Samuel is starting to pull himself up to standing and trying to climb on things.  He's also turning into a little character, getting excited about things and playing ornery games with people, like when he furrows his brow in a deep frown at someone, then grins and giggles.  Peter had to move up to the next size of clothes, and his language continues to develop rapidly.  He is becoming a good little helper around the house, doing things like emptying the dryer, loading the dishwasher, and setting the table.  Occasionally he's actually helpful!  I enjoy his company in any case though.

From Judith … Well, it happened!  I now have my visual on the reality of my son as a father!  John and his little family ventured out to help us celebrate Anna’s birthday last week.  It was sweet to see John and Megan walk through the door with their little bundle tucked in the carrier.  I so look forward to getting to know this new grandson.  It is a great privilege and joy to have our married children and our grandchildren living near us.  I hope that I never take it for granted and that if any of them ever move far away, I will accept it with grace and contentment.  For now, though, I intend to thoroughly enjoy the nearness.

From Gerald … What adventures we have had recently!  The most unpleasant surprise for me this past month was when Seth called me at work to tell me that the wind had blown down our power line.  He gave me a brief description of what he could see; I told him to stay away from everything and that I would be right home.  When I pulled into the driveway, I was met by Seth, Becca, and Laura with the exciting news, “Oh, it’s worse than we thought...”  It turns out that a tree had broken off in the wind and had fallen onto the line that connects between the distribution line and our house.  So, we were without power from Monday afternoon until Wednesday mid-day.  We borrowed a portable generator from the Wades to power our refrigerators, a couple of lights, and our computers.  However, we were not hooked up to power our well pump, so we did not have running water. 

The really odd thing about this is that a few hours after our power was restored, James was born to John and Megan.  A similar situation had occurred when Peter was born to Ray and Katie.  The power had been out for several hours at our house, due to a severe rainstorm, just before he was born.  The power came back on and soon after that we had a new grandson.  I wonder if there is some sort of meaning to this.

With love from the Pedersen clan

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