Monday, February 20, 2012

Operation Apartment Wall, Phase I

Though removing the wall between the apartment kitchenette and the little sitting area wasn’t a priority, I really wanted to see the difference it would make.  Also, there isn’t much of the remodeling work I can do, but this bit of demolition was doable for me.

Earlier, Gerald had a somewhat urgent need for full access to the wall behind the kitchenette soffit and sink/cabinet/counter in order to reconfigure the plumbing.  I did most of that removal, so I was fairly confident of this next project.

The upper cabinets and floor had been removed during our initial house remodeling.  Everything else was taken out during this recent phase.  Before:


On day one I took off the drywall on one side, on day two I did the same on the other side, and on day three I took out the studs.   I was glad I was able to get the studs out intact so they will be more useful for Gerald to reuse.   Anna helped me by removing the wiring in the wall before I removed the studs.



In progress.

Down to the studs.

No more wall!

 Looking straight toward the kitchenette.

From the other side:

Standing in the kitchenette looking out.

Further work in that area, which will require the expertise of others, is a long way down on the list, but this was enormously helpful for getting a “feel” for the new open space created.  We do plan to rebuild the kitchenette someday.  Even in its very rough condition, the apartment seems more inviting to me.

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