Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Laura!

We celebrated Laura's birthday earlier this month.  (For some of her thoughts, see her last newsletter entry.)  It's hard to believe that our youngest is 13 already!  Our family is certainly in a different season of life than we were ten, or even five, years ago.

The cake decorator at work.

Making pizzas...

...which sometimes makes a good group activity!

The birthday girl with her handiwork-- the cake she decorated and the dress she made.

The whole family, minus the cameraman.

One of Laura's birthday requests was to play games at a park with some friends.  It was quite chilly that morning, but at least it wasn't raining like it had been the day before!  Almost everyone we invited was able to come, so we had a good group.

Playing volleyball.

Lining up for running rock-paper-scissors.

The front person from each line runs across the field and around the pine tree.

When they meet, they stop and do rock-paper-scissors.  The winner runs on while the loser goes to the back of his line and the next person on his team runs to meet the other runner.

It is recommended that when you are approaching the other runner, you slow down slightly, run past the other runner, and then back up to wherever you were when you actually passed.  When you maintain your speed with reckless abandon and run straight toward the other person, you run the risk of colliding with violent force, which may result in two headaches and a black eye.  If you happen to have a timely photographer handy, however, it may also result in a neat picture like this!



It was a fun morning of games and fellowship.

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  1. Laura, what beautiful work! I am so impressed by your cake!!! Did you teach yourself to decorate? I have thought I would enjoy taking a class on cake decorating some time. It would be a good skill to have and a nice way to bless others on special occasions. And I love the photo of you holding your cake and wearing the dress you made. You are such an accomplished young lady!!! Happy belated birthday. :)