Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Newsletter

From Laura, 12 … Recently we have been seeing the Wades a lot. It is always a pleasure to have them around. Peter turned two at the end of October. If you tell him to say a word or phrase than he will usually make an effort. In some circumstances we can understand what he is saying. He enjoys reading books, eating, giving kisses, and general rowdy play. Samuel reached the six-month mark on the 19th. He has almost reached the 20-pound mark; yes, he is built like a tank. He is smiling a lot and often he giggles. It is lovely to hold him.

From Becca, 15 … The other day our scaffolding arrived which Papa had ordered for a project. The delivery man told Papa over the phone that it would have to be unloaded piece by piece out of the truck because of the way it had been packaged and so he should get some help. Papa told him he had help, and then told Laura and me to be ready because we were the only ones there. When we came out, the man looked at us and said, “That’s your help?” It was funny.

From Seth, 18 … Earlier this month we went to the premiere of a new film. The film, Grafted, tells the story of adoption, covering many of its different facets, from the governmental bureaucracy and paperwork to the gospel portrait painted by adoption. One of the pastors who was interviewed talked about how adoption is like the gospel because, while we take a child from an impoverished or unloved place and make him our own, God takes us from the evil dominion of Satan and makes us fellow heirs with Christ. Physical adoption is very expensive, but our spiritual adoption was bought with the priceless blood of Christ. It was beautiful to look around the room as the film played and see different children in our church who had been adopted, who were living pictures of the love of God.

From Anna, 21 … I just got back from spending a few days with some friends of ours. They have had the father’s sister-in-law and her three children living with them for the last six months while her husband was overseas. At the beginning of this week she had a baby and at the end of the week she left to rejoin her husband in Hawaii. In the midst of much commotion and several transitions, I was able to come alongside the family and help with the children and with some of the practical things needing to be done. It was a blessing to spend extra time with these dear friends, and I’m glad that I have the flexibility to be able to take opportunities like this.

From John, Megan, and baby-on-the-way … (by Megan) This month has been busy, but good. A few highlights are dancing, Thanksgiving, dancing, and baby!

Earlier this month, John performed with the local international folk dancers at a Croatian wedding reception. They did a good job, and the guests seemed to enjoy it very much.

We celebrated Thanksgiving a day early with John's family because we went to Texas Camp (folk dance camp) this year. We enjoyed good food and fellowship with the family.

The following week we had my family over to visit, and to see my great uncle who was in town. We enjoyed their visit very much.

On Thanksgiving Day we left for Texas Camp. The weekend (Fri. – Sun.) was filled with dancing! It was enjoyable. We learned some new dances, and brushed up on some old ones. I ended up with a strained or pinched Achilles tendon, so I sat out for most of the dancing for the second half of camp. I did easy and slow ones here and there if my ankle was up to it. I am feeling better now, thankfully. I think James really enjoyed the weekend. There were a few dances that had strong beats and rhythms to them, and on numerous occasions, I would feel him kicking around to the beat of the music! It was really neat! He was very active that weekend and moved almost non-stop!

James is growing bigger and we are eagerly looking forward to March! Only 3 months left!

From Ray, Katie, Peter, and Samuel … (by Katie) There’s something new around here every day, it seems. Ray sold his truck a while ago and bought a new-to-him SUV. It was in excellent condition, and he’s been enjoying driving around in comfort and style. I (Katie) am enjoying my new Kindle Fire that Ray won in a drawing. It’s sort of a cross between an e-book reader and a small tablet computer, and I’m trying to remember how I got along before I had it. Peter has a new word almost every day, and has learned a new game that he loves: hide and seek. Samuel is the proud owner of a new tooth, with the second one about to emerge. He’ll also be crawling soon, I think. He’s at the stage of getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. We had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary recently. Ray kept telling me he was taking me to a taco stand, but it turned out to be a nice Italian restaurant with two dozen red roses on the table! We’re very thankful for the past three years together, and are excited about many more.

From Judith … We’re enjoying yummy juicy citrus from our fruit trees right now. Though we conserved water in our yard quite a bit this past summer, due to drought conditions, we did keep our trees watered. Looking out at the bright fruit on the trees is a reminder to me, in my walk with God, that “fruit” for God’s kingdom and glory will be born in my life by the faithful “watering” of my mind and heart with Scripture.

By the way, we’re still way behind in rainfall here, but conditions are not as dramatic since our weather is cooler and we have had some rain. The sad part is the many, many dead trees all around town.

From Gerald … Judith and I have much to be thankful for. God has redeemed us by his grace. We have close relationships with our children and grandchildren. Our needs have been met abundantly. We are members of a church that faithfully preaches the Word of God and provides encouraging fellowship. We have no significant physical limitations. Please pray that we would serve the Lord faithfully in every area of our lives.

With love from the Pedersen clan

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