Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Pictorial Update

Pictures have been rather sparse here of late, so here are some snapshots of life at our house for the last couple of months.

We had a birthday party for John in August.  He really wanted to have a bonfire, but a drought-related burn ban prevented that, so we set out almost every candle we own!

Brothers in arms.

The resulting blaze.

Now that's how you arrange birthday candles!

Samuel is just as huggable as ever.

Our downstairs half-bath has a lovely new door.

Peter learned how Russian stacking dolls work.

We celebrated Becca's birthday.

We harvested the leeks from our garden.  They were small, but they just weren't getting any bigger.

We saw a hawk.

We went to an early-American-costume-themed ball put on by some friends of ours.

Peter the cute.

We saw more hummingbirds during the fall migration than we ever have before.  We're speculating that the drought has affected their natural food sources, so they were more likely to come to our feeder.  One evening we saw four or five them all zooming around at once.


  1. Never would have thought to arrange candles that way! And that is a neat picture of the hummingbirds.

  2. Interesting, what you said about the hummingbirds. For the last six years that we've lived in Houston, we've had three hummingbirds visit our feeders every year. No more, no less. But this year I counted as many as six! I have not been able to keep our two feeders full between the hummingbirds and the bees. I too wondered if it had anything to do with the drought.