Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just a Few Thoughts About Natural Childbirth

Natural-childbirth advocates are not all cut from the same cloth.

In a childbirth documentary I reviewed last night, I heard several comments about how natural birth empowers women. Up came the red flags for me. At the heart of that mindset is plain old pride. I’d like to think that my own choice for natural childbirth decades ago was motivated by the desire to be a good steward of my babies’ health and my health. I know that, sadly, my motives are never pure; they were surely tainted with pride (“Look what I can do!”).

The women in the video were clearly in the “empowerment” camp, but I am not. This natural-childbirth advocate wants to challenge her Christian sisters to search their hearts that they might approach natural childbirth with a view to glorify God, not themselves, by embracing God’s beautiful design of the birth process and, therefore avoiding, as much as possible, interventions. After all, birth is a natural God-given function of our bodies -- not an illness.

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  1. Methinks we must have just watched the same video. ;) -- Christina Haarhoff