Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trip Pictures: Mountains and Waterfalls

This was a good year to visit the Yellowstone area because of the greater-than-usual snowfall last winter.  This meant both that the mountains still had more snow than usual for this time of year and that the rivers and waterfalls were fuller.  We saw an incredible amount of breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

A mountain pass in Northern Wyoming... note Seth in the foreground.

Another view from the same point.

Yellowstone Lake.

The view from our campsite in Yellowstone.

Eating breakfast in the chill of early morning mountain air.

Doing the same thing 13 years ago!

The reflection here was amazingly crisp.

Note the yellow wash of wildflowers.


The Lower Yellowstone Falls.  The roar of thousands upon thousands of gallons flowing over the precipice... the green waves, swelling with latent power before disintegrating into thundering foam and floating was spectacular.

The Lower Falls, seen from farther downstream.

Rainbows in the mist of the Upper Falls.

Looking into the Yellowstone canyon.

Mama and Papa, with the Lower Falls in the background.

The Hayden Valley, in Yellowstone.

One of the many smaller falls we saw.

Ice Lake... a genuine picturesque mountain lake!

On our way to Ice Lake, we saw a lot of the deadfall from the 1988 fire in Yellowstone.  It was interesting to see the combination of fallen dead trees, old trunks still standing, and young trees.

This fallen tree had rings dated for the War for Independence and the founding of Yellowstone National Park.

The Upper Falls.

The river, upstream of the Upper Falls.

Lewis Falls.

Moose Falls-- we didn't see any moose, unfortunately.  Mama particularly liked the waterfalls.

Flora growing in the damp environment created by the waterfall mist.

The Grand Tetons.

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  1. Wow, Pedersens! Those are some absolutely stunning photos of God's incredible creation! Thank you so much for sharing them. I thought many could be post cards! Ever since Katelin visited the Grand Tetons years ago when serving a missionary family, I have always wanted to see them for myself. Your pictures make it almost like I was there. :) Beautiful. Many blessings to you all!