Monday, August 15, 2011

Trip Pictures: Family Time

Trying out our new semaphore flags at the family reunion... look closely!

 Looking at old family pictures... this one of my great-great-great grandparents... 

...or this one of my grandpa and his little brother--weren't they adorable?

An intense game of Jenga.

Sunday morning worship.

Helping Grandma with some yard work in Fort Collins.

Trying out Grandmother's typewriter.

Family dinner.

 Becca filling in for the yet-to-be-installed statue at the new veterans' memorial.

Piano duets at Grandmother's house.

Bananagrams gone...well, bananas.

We drove by several sites of historic family significance on this trip, including this farm which belonged to my great-grandparents.  When Papa was a boy, his uncle was running the farm and his grandparents were living in a little house near the old farmhouse.  He visited here often during the summers.  The old farmhouse burned down right after his uncle sold the farm, and almost everything else has changed as well, but the two circled buildings are the garage and chicken house that were there when Papa was growing up.

And this is the very place where Papa proposed to Mama 34 years ago!   

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  1. Sweet pictures! It is neat to be able to have a peak of your family reunion! :)