Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Raining Here Tonight...

I have been confronted before with the fact that we often don't appreciate things until we're made to do without them.  A prime example that comes to mind is going for a year with our kitchen sink on the opposite side of the house from our kitchen!

Tonight, though, I'm thinking about rain.  There was a glorious thunderstorm going on out there earlier, and we were all running out to watch the darkening clouds blowing in, smell the coming rain, watch the lightning, and listen to the thunder.  It has been so long since we had a storm like this!

I love thunderstorms.  In the midst of our drought, the moisture that it is providing is particularly welcome, but I love thunderstorms even when we are not in great need of rain.  To me, there are very few phenomena in nature that display God's power like a thunderstorm does.  The active power displayed in the intense brilliance of a lightning strike and the tremendous blast of thunder that follows is like nothing else. 

I am glad that the power is still on!

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  1. I am glad, too, that you finally got rain. Is it going to save some growth? We got a little rain today and always glad. Makes you think of the people on the east coast - waiting out the storm to see what they are really in for! GR