Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Evangelism

Last night a friend and I had the privilege of doing some evangelism at a big 4th of July festival downtown.  I thought I would share about two conversations that I especially enjoyed. 

The first was with a Hispanic couple, and an interesting facet of this conversation was that it was almost entirely in Spanish.  That was an adventure!  The couple was very gracious in helping me along.  The man professed to be a Christian.  I misunderstood him at first and thought that he was saying he wasn't a Christian; he was actually saying the opposite!  It was encouraging to talk with them, particularly since the last two people I had talked with had not been very receptive to the truth--one had been a Jehovah's Witness and the other an existentialist.

The second conversation was with a middle-aged single man.  We talked together about the holiness of God, about sin and judgement, and then about the glorious good news of Jesus--about His obedience, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection.  It was truly awesome to see this man's eyes opened to the truth and to the hope we have in Christ.  We read from Revelation 5 about the splendor of the Lamb, and this gentleman seemed awed by the glory of Christ.  We also talked about the two paths.  On the one hand is the path of serving sin with its worldly pleasures; this is the path that leads to eternal death and judgment.  On the other hand is the path of following Christ; this path will not always be easy in this life, but it is the path that leads to an eternity spent with Christ in all His glory.  The conversation ended with an embrace and an exchanging of contact info.  Glory to God!

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