Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spurgeon on Earthly Suffering

"Nothing reflects so much honour on a workman as a protracted and severe trial of his work, and its triumphant endurance of the ordeal without giving way in any part.  We are God's workmanship, in whom He will be glorified by our afflictions.  It is for the honour of Jesus that we endure the trial of our faith with sacred joy.  Let each man surrender his own longings to the glory of Jesus, and feel, 'If my lying in the dust would elevate my Lord by so much as an inch, let me still lie among the pots of earth.  If to live on earth for ever would make my Lord more glorious , it should be my heaven to be shut out of heaven.'  Our time is fixed and settled by eternal decree.  Let us not be anxious about it, but wait with patience till the gates of pearl shall open."

~Charles Spurgeon, in Morning and Evening

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