Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last weekend, we went camping at Martin Dies, Jr. State Park.  It sits around this lake:

Seth got adventurous and decided to ride his bike partway there, so he left a day early to ride 80 miles and spend the night at a different state park, where we picked him up on our way to Martin Dies the next morning.

We enjoyed camping right next to the Wades, and sharing some of our meals.

One morning, we made pancakes over the fire.  The first few were...ahem... a little dark, but after the first several batches and some adjustments to the fire, they were coming off perfectly golden brown.

Scrambled eggs.

We went on walks with friends...

and we stopped in at a Dutch oven cooking demonstration being held in the park.

On Sunday we went on a short hike around an island with views of the lake...

...and some giant trees.  This tree was probably over ten feet in circumference.

We also saw this dogwood tree in bloom.

We had a very enjoyable time visiting with friends, relaxing, and enjoying God's creation!