Friday, March 4, 2011

Meditations on Habakkuk

References in parentheses refer to the verse in Habakkuk from which each thought was taken.

The wicked do surround your folk
And Justice goes not forth. (1:4)
Why do you idly look at wrong
And judge not wicked men? (1:13)

Woe to the violent, wicked man
Who heaps up stolen wealth; (2:6)
Who thinks that he can dwell secure (2:9)
In town that's built with blood. (2:12)

Before the Lord stand silently
All you who dwell on earth!
For He is in His holy place, (2:20)
His brightness like the light. (3:4)

The'e-ternal mountains writhed in pain
As they beheld your gaze. (3:6,10)
You went to save your chosen own
And crush the wicked foe. (3:13)

Though all things be for me destroyed, (3:17)
Yet I will still rejoice.
I will take joy in Thee, my God, (3:18)
Who art my only strength. (3:19)


  1. Anna,

    Is this a project that you are working on, writing poetry from Scripture? How exciting. : ) Keep us posted.


  2. Rebecca,

    Actually this is mostly a fluke. This is literally the first poem I've written since the sonnet that I had to do as an English assignment three years ago!

    I have to admit that reading about the Reflect Hymn project was partly an inspiration behind this one! I won't rule out future poetic endeavors, but it's not a current project.

    I was actually meaning to leave a comment over on your site to thank you for taking the time to go over my "trouble" notes and explaining the reasons. I do appreciate it!

    And... it's looking like "Perpetua" will be making it into our family songbooks! We also shared your website with our church's worship leader. Our church has consciously been moving toward richer worship songs, both in lyrics and in words, which we've really been enjoying.