Saturday, December 25, 2010

December Newsletter

Glory to God! A Savior is Born! Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

From Laura, 11 … Earlier this month we went to a performance of Messiah. The four soloists were bass, tenor, counter-tenor, and soprano. Counter-tenor was sung by a man! There were two cellos, one bass, and a bunch of violins. At the back of the stage was the choir consisting of 22 persons. It was so interesting to go to a performance like that because the gospel was clearly given through the singing. Even if people are thinking about the true meaning of Christmas, they’re probably not thinking about Christ’s death and resurrection also. The Bible verses sung in Messiah are not only about Christ’s birth, but quite a few of them have to do with His death.

From Becca, 14 … Last month I had the new experience of staying in a cabin. It was very rustic and cozy. We got to have a fire inside and drink hot chocolate on a cold morning. We sat around cracking pecans and playing games. We also went on an adventure into the woods without a path looking for a rock face that would be good for rappelling. It was a great trip.

From Seth, 17 … Recently Papa showed us around his workplace. I had been in his office a few weeks ago, and I remember a few other times when we had visited the facility, but this visit was much more in-depth than other visits I really remember. Since it was a late Saturday afternoon, there wasn’t anything going on in the shop or out on the test rig, so we got to get really close to them. Probably the two most interesting parts were the 3-D printer and the test rig. The 3-D printer was a box about as big as a refrigerator, and it had a little nozzle that slowly formed melted plastic into models of oil tool parts. Some interesting things about the test rig were the zip line used to escape the rig in case of fire and the pistons that can move the entire structure (maybe 120 feet tall) over a few feet to a different test hole. There are two holes they use, one of which is 2000 feet deep. I enjoyed seeing where Papa works and hearing him talk about all the different processes and tools.

From Anna, 20 … I read that a study done recently showed that people who are not religiously affiliated are more likely to show strong brand loyalty. I thought it was an interesting example of how most people want to be loyal to something. If it’s not a religion, it may be a sports team, a clothing brand, or a car model.

From John, 26 … A couple of weeks ago I welcomed a new guest into my house. He's a father of six from Minnesota who got a job in Houston and moved down here to start working. He will be staying at my house until he can sell his house in Minnesota and move his family down here. He's been great so far, and I'm very happy to have someone else in the house.

About Ray, Katie, and Peter … Ray has been surprisingly busy in what is typically a slow time for real estate. Katie is faring well in the beginning of her middle trimester of pregnancy. At 14 months Peter keeps them on their toes; he’s a busy little toddler. Though he doesn’t talk yet, he has a wide range of facial expressions that usually give strong clues about what he’s thinking about.

From Judith … I finished the valances for our dining/resource room and am happy with how they turned out. I had something very particular in mind which is why I made them. I knew I wouldn’t find pre-made valances to suit me. The dark red floral corduroy material really brought the room to life with just the right amount of color. The colors in the material match the colors in an art print we bought and framed for the same space. The picture and the window dressings have made this space, in which I spend most of my waking hours, much more pleasant and inviting.

From Gerald … It has been a real treat to have autumn colors in Houston this year. I know this seems late to those of you in northern climates, but we have seen some beautiful leaves the past few weeks. This time of year is normally quite drab; the usual pattern is for leaves to gradually turn brown and drop off, to be replaced by the new green ones in a month or so. I guess we must have had cold weather at just the right time and for the right duration this year to trigger the reds and yellows we have been enjoying. Houston is such a great place to live!

Our Love, Gerald, Judith, John, Anna, Seth, Becca, and Laura

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