Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Cabin Getaway

While Grandma was here, we took the opportunity to go spend two nights at Bastrop State Park.  We were not camping though; this time the Pedersens went up-scale and stayed in cabins!

The cabins were all built in the 1930's by the CCC.  They had a cozy, rustic feel, with wood floor and wall paneling, wooden bedsteads, and the original iron door hardware.

This was my room for our stay.  I fell in love with it at first sight!  It would be unpleasantly small for long-term, but for a two-day get-away its coziness was perfect.

Most of our time there was too warm to really enjoy a fire indoors, but we pretended anyway.  The last morning we were there, though, it cooled off considerably and it felt wonderful to sit by the fire sipping hot chocolate and shelling pecans.

Indoors, we spent our time eating, playing games, visiting, and doing family worship.

Peter "playing" chess.

On our first afternoon there, we went on a brief orienteering expedition.  There was a post in a gully just a few minutes' walk from our cabin, so we thought we'd better go find it.  We did so successfully, and trooped back to our cabins feeling like real ourdoorsmen.

We also went hiking, and came across a big beetle to show Peter.

The next morning we stayed close to the cabins.

Playing RV golf.

Peter thought those balls looked like great fun.

We also walked down to the lake nearby.

Peter being allowed to play in the water to a certain point!

Seth tried making a raft.  It floated fine...

...until he put weight on it.

That afternoon, we went on an adventure.  According to our orienteering map, there was a significant rock face in the park, which we thought would be good for rappelling, but there were no trails that went there directly.  We found a point along the road from which we thought that we could make it the rock face without too much difficulty, so we drove there and then plunged into the forest armed with map and compass.

The rock face was quite satisfactory.  We had tried rappelling once before, but that time it was on a cliff that was barely tall enough.  Once we had gotten started, we were done.  This one was much better.

On our way home, we stopped at what we thought was a pecan factory.  As it turned out, there weren't any operations to see, but they did have some equipment we could look at.  They also had a gift shop with a staggeringly huge nutcracker collection displayed.

These old hand-carved nutcrackers were some of our favorites.

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