Friday, October 8, 2010

Camping at Huntsville State Park

Last week we went camping!  We had a great time!

This is Seth fishing.  The fish ate the worms off his hook, so he didn't catch anything.

John and Seth rode their bikes all 60 miles to the park.  Here is John drinking a swallow out each of these water bottles in order to freeze them and take them.
Our friends dug this big hole.  It was about five feet deep.
We went on a walk to this dam.
Lots of people went on the walk.

Uncle John.
We had fun in the hammock.
We camped near this lake.

We had worship on Sunday.
This slide was very popular.  There were children on it almost the whole time.  It was really fun to sit on something vinyl while sliding down because it made you go very fast.

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