Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visit to Grandpa

Last week, we were able to travel to San Diego to visit our Grandpa (Mama's father).  Mama and Papa had flown out to see him last year, but the rest of us hadn't seen him in more than three years, so this was a very special trip.  Becca and Laura were able to get to know him, and we were all able to reconnect.  We enjoyed hearing his stories and learning more about his past and his family.

Peter wasn't sure about Grandpa at first, but on our last morning there, he finally decided that Grandpa was all right!  We were all glad that he warmed up and Grandpa was able to hold him and enjoy that time with him!

We were there very close to Grandpa's birthday, so we had prepared a couple of songs to sing for him.  Grandpa has a beautiful bass voice and enjoys singing, so we also did some singing all together.

Grandpa modeling the hat that Becca knitted for him.

The view of San Diego from Grandpa's porch.

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