Monday, September 20, 2010

Sightseeing Around San Diego

We went out to a point of land that overlooks both the San Diego skyline and the ocean.  It was beautiful there.

There was an old lighthouse out on the point.  We were able to go inside and see both the keeper's living quarters and the light.

How would you like to carry your furniture up these stairs?!

We also went to Balboa park.

There were lots of interesting plants there...

...including one of the biggest fig trees in the country.  When we were standing around the tree, we could smell the figs.  It was really amazing!

Balboa Park is home to various museums, including a model railroad museum.  When we arrived 45 minutes before closing time, we asked if it was possible to really do the whole museum in that amount of time, and the lady at the front said no, not really.  Then Papa asked if there was a special late-in-the-afternoon rate, and she said that if we came back thirty minutes before closing, we could get in for a dollar per person!  We all agreed that we got a dollar's worth of fun out of the museum.  Some of the layouts were really impressive in the amount of detail and realism they displayed.

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