Friday, September 17, 2010

In Which the Pedersens Experience Exotic Modes of Transportation

Our trip to San Diego involved a number of novel travel experiences for us.  The last time that we flew anywhere as a family-- and thus the last time that Seth, Becca, Laura, or I flew-- was in 1999, so we soaked up the experience this time.

Riding the shuttle bus to the airport.

Here comes our airplane!

We had several kinds of terrain and weather for our flight, including clouds...


...and the ocean!

It was great fun!

Our rental car was a little white van.  We enjoyed the bells and whistles of the van that is much newer than ours, but it was actually harder to get in and out of the backseat because there was much less head room.

Since the Wades were with us, we numbered ten, so when we went anywhere together, we split up between the rental van and Grandpa's convertible.  We had great fun tooling around San Diego in a convertible!  San Diego has perfect convertible weather, and it's great for sightseeing, since it's so easy to see all around you.  Of course, we would have enjoyed it exceedingly even if there had been nothing to see...

...even though it got a bit windy on the freeway!

Oddly enough, in spite of the fact that we live in Houston, we felt a little like hicks in the big city.  It's probably because we were spending most of our time in the middle of the city there, whereas we only go downtown for special occasions here.

We stopped at two different grocery stores while we were there, and neither of them had parking lots!  Instead, they had underground parking garages and moving ramps to get up into the store!  We were very impressed.

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